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About Dianne



Dianne Hart was born June 26, 1955, to a single mother with three small children. Unable to care for them all, Ms. Hart was raised by her godparents in the heart of East Tampa. Ms. Hart has been a community servant since she was a child, running store errand for the seniors in the neighborhood to babysitting for free. Due to the lack of education, her godparents could not read so at an early age Ms. Hart was taught how to pay the bills and take care of the finances in the house.


At eighteen, Ms. Hart landed her first job at General Telephone Electric Company (GTE) and joined the IBEW Union Local 824; she worked as an operator for two years. She was a promoted to the accounting department working as an accounting clerk, where she would remain for ten years before taking a buy-out because of downsizing, which began a new chapter in her life. During, this time, her father had a heart attack this was devastating for the family. Now she became the sole breadwinner of her family.


After the passing of her father, Ms. Hart decided to go into business for herself. She collaborated with two other women and purchased a beauty salon. Attended beauty school, graduated, and went on to buy her second salon in Ft. Myers Fla. Ms. Hart maintained the two salons for a year and six months. Then she sold the Fort Myers location but retained the Tampa location to present. Ms. Dee’s World of Beauty Salon and Barber Shop employed five barbers, and six stylists. Several of her employees went on to own their own businesses after working and training under her.


Ms. Hart had a successful business, but something was missing. She joined East Tampa Business and Civic Association in the early 90’s. She had volunteered for five years before she was offered a job as a community developer, and within nine years, she became the CEO of the organization.


Through her upbringing and working with ETBCA, Ms. Hart became an outstanding community leader who is tireless in her efforts in raising awareness about issues of hunger, affordable housing, economic development and bring awareness to the violence in our community. She has driven East Tampa and other areas in the City to new heights and set an example for other community leaders as well.

In addition to this work, Ms. Hart has been deeply committed to and involved in the local food initiative in the Hillsborough County area. Ms, Hart strives to utilize every available “pulpit” in her efforts to raise awareness about the issue of gun violence. She has presented programs on stopping the violence in East Tampa by working with Tampa Police Department, and various social groups. She has organized letter-writing campaigns on behalf of funding for food banks, targeted affordable housing, and gun violence.

Ms. Hart has worked with local, state and federal officials to assist in the change in her community.

Focusing on Issues that Matter Right Here in our Community

Vocational Training

Developing Strong and Safe Neighborhoods

Caring for Disadvantaged, Children and Elderly

Empowering Small Business and Local Commerce

Restoring Civil & Voting Rights to Ex-Felons

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